Mole Checks 
& Skin Health

As beautiful as our country is, New Zealand has the highest skin-cancer rates in the world. If you have a concern, get it checked!

We provide full, thorough skin health services, from diagnosing and excising skin cancers, warts or moles, to minor surgery, and scar revision.

Annual Healthy Skin Check

if you have moles, warts or blemishes, have them checked once a year at least- immediately if you have a concern, particularly anything that catches or bleeds.

If you have a previous history of skin cancers, have your skin checked every 6 months, using the same doctor each time.

The peace of mind alone is worth it.

Mole, Wart, and Cyst Removal

We provide full mole, wart, and cyst removal at our clinic.

Skin Cancer Removal

Any questionable moles are removed immediately for your safety, and sent for analysis to determine your risk of skin cancers.

Our expert physicians will take great care of you, and make certain that your questions and concerns are addressed, as well as skin care after the removal.

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