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To look and feel the way you want is not simply a matter of losing weight, it is a matter of removing body fat from the right places and increasing your lean muscle mass. The myth that the battle is with weight and will power has led to the belief that once your mythical “ideal weight” was attained, the battle would be over.

Take a look around and you’ll notice the obvious…the battle has just begun! Collectively as a society, we tend to do the same as many researchers and those who are marketing “weight loss.” We have been programmed to think in terms of weight rather than in terms of our body composition, shape and health.

Obesity has been treated with an “eat less, move more” mindset for years. We have made fat, carbohydrates, and cholesterol our enemies. We have tried one fad diet after another and experienced little or no sustainable results.

Dieting will temporarily reduce your weight, but it will not lower your natural weight set point, and it is destructive to your metabolism. Most weight-conscious consumers have purchased and tried a long list of programs and products, only to lose and gain the same weight over and over. Any program that focuses solely on weight loss virtually guarantees that the weight will be regained. In fact, you’ll end up weighing more than when you started.

Doctor360 provides safe body composition optimisation through dietary advice and an integrated approach to reduced health risks while aiming for sustained healthy weight as part of a new lifestyle.  

This service is primarily aimed for clients aiming to improve their body composition and understand more about their metabolism. Through baseline testing and investigation, a bespoke diet and exercise programme is devised. Regular contact is scheduled to monitor, modify habits, and help achieve your goals. 

We offer advice on what to eat and the best supplements to ensure you remain in tip top shape as part of a healthy lifestyle.  We offer lifestyle-based health coaching and integrated medical interventions for weight loss.

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