Lung Function Tests (Spirometry)

Keep Your Employees Safe & Healthy.

Many workplace environments present respiratory hazards such as:

  • Carbon monoxide
  • Fumes & gases
  • Particulate dusts
  • Smoke
  • Diesel fumes & exhaust
  • Silica
  • Chemical solvents
  • Dangerous airborne particles
  • Asbestos

Such contaminants irritate the respiratory tract; causing discomfort or coughing when they are inhaled. Other contaminants can cause severe damage and serious lung disease.

These airborne pollutants can damage lungs gradually over time, and without careful monitoring, that damage can become severe and irreversible. Ultimately this can result in occupational asthma and many other forms of workplace based lung, breathing, or pulmonary problems.

What is Lung Function Testing (Spirometry)?

Spirometry is the term given to the lung function tests which provide information on the health and performance of the human respiratory system. It measures and evaluates three basic aspects of breathing: volume, flow, and their relationship to time. 

These measurements are a useful indicator of respiratory compromise and potential respiratory disease. 

Spirometry is objective, non-invasive, and its effective at detecting early changes to lung health. It is performed to detect the presence or absence of lung disease, to quantify the amount of lung impairment. It’s also useful in determining the effectiveness of medications and treatments your doctor may prescribe.

Over time, we track and correlate the spirometric results for each individual to identify any degradation. This allows us to monitor and alert you to the effects of occupational/environmental exposures.

Baseline Testing

Every individual is unique in their lung capacity and strength, so an individual’s measurements are most useful with a personal baseline measurement completed when healthy, to compare it to.

Ideally, this is best done when starting new employment, prior to any potential exposure to respiratory hazards. In addition, lung function testing can be used as a part of a healthy workplace surveillance plan and health monitoring.

Following baseline testing, annual Lung Function testing is recommended, or repeat testing following any accidental exposure to respiratory hazards or development of respiratory symptoms.

What is Workplace Lung Function Testing?

Most lung diseases take many years of exposure to develop. Symptoms of lung disease such as shortness of breath, wheezing and coughing usually develop gradually. 

To minimize the risks to employees and employers, Workplace Lung Function Testing is a programme that involves the widespread testing of employees on a regular basis. 

This regular testing provides early warning of the impact of any workplace respiratory hazards on worker health. Lung function tests can help detect illness at an early stage before symptoms are apparent.

Some industries where employees are particularly at risk include:

  • Panel beaters
  • Manufacturing plants and CNC
  • Boat builders
  • Woodworkers
  • Spray painters
  • Construction, concrete, and asphalt work 
  • Oil and gas
  • Farmers & agricultural workers
  • Users & manufacturers of chemical and fertilizer products.

Spirometry is a valuable tool in a full program for detecting and preventing serious occupational lung disease. Under New Zealand health and safety law, workers exposed to certain health hazards such as cotton dust or asbestos, must be given annual lung function tests.

Tests take about 10-15 minutes per person, and can be conducted at our clinic, or by special arrangement at your workplace for larger groups.

Employer Benefits

As a business, being fully proactive about the health care of your employees is essential to the long term health of your business too.

  • Provides early detection of ill health for a worker, or group of workers.
  • Reduces the liabilities of industrial / workers compensation claims.
  • Reduces the levels of absenteeism in the workplace.
  • Helps to assess the effectiveness of measures implemented for protection.
  • Helps to comply with relevant legislation.
  • Provides early detection of patterns and problem areas.

Why Choose Doctor360?

Our professional doctors understand the importance of accuracy, comprehensiveness, and convenience.


  • We use the latest respiratory diagnostic technology to perform your employee lung function tests.
  • Our doctors understand how to conduct and interpret the results accurately.


  • We measure all key lung health indicators in conjunction with clinical assessment and history review.
  • We store and track your baseline test results for follow-up comparison evaluations.
  • Our lung function tests are performed in accordance with the internationally recognized ATS/ERS standards (American Thoracic Society/European Respiratory Society).


We can book your employees in for convenient appointments at our clinic or conduct on-site lung function tests for your employees with minimal disruption and costs for your business.

Our lung function tests help you to comply with the “Approved Code of Practice for the Safe use of Isocyanates” and “Workplace Exposure Standards”.

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