Psychological Health & Wellness

‍Psychological Health & Wellness is an essential part of your health and wellbeing.

Your psychological health affects every part of your life, including your relationships, your career, your happiness, and even your physical health.

If you’re recovering from an illness or injury, having a healthy psychology is fundamental to your complete & speedy recovery.

Services we Provide

Doctor360 provides a broad range of services tailored to our clients’ needs.

Our psychological health & wellness coaching is offered as a separate consultation, or may be recommended alongside your medical appointments.

How’s Your Psychological Health?

For some, maintaining a healthy psychology is easier than it is for others.

Life has its challenges. Your ability to recover from life’s upsets depends on;

  • your cultural and religious beliefs
  • your support networks
  • your current life triggers
  • your past traumas
  • and many other factors

Why Things Can Go Wrong Suddenly

For some of us psychological distress is the result of a sudden & acute situation, such as an illness or accident, an unwanted medical diagnosis, a relationship breakup or a job loss.

It often doesn’t matter whether the situation is a result of our own mistakes, bad choices, or is caused by events outside of our control.

At the end of the day- we are suddenly left dealing with problems that we’re not prepared to cope with on our own.

Why Things Can Go Wrong Gradually

Other times, our psychological health can erode gradually…

Each of us has our own individual pains, anxieties, fears, hopes and dreams. Over time, these strong emotions all have the ability to lead us into self-defeating thought patterns, questioning ourselves and our ability to succeed.

We’ll experience this as stress that slowly increases over time, until suddenly, it’s too much and we’re left feeling unable to deal with life.

First, Take Ownership of Your Problems

It is not easy to learn to lean into your vulnerability and say “I am not okay,” but it’s essential to face your situation honestly.

We’ll help you make that brave first step to have “that conversation.” Our team provides a completely safe environment, with no judgement, that enables you to be authentic.

For many, this is the turning point to recovery.

From the first visit, we’ll help you learn the tools you need to navigate your way through your issues.

Don’t Ignore Your Problems

Many people think they can simply suffer in silence, or ignore their pain long enough that it will go away.

Unfortunately suppressed pain becomes worse, rather than better. Eventually that pain will grow until it destroys parts of your life, and creates anxiety to the point that you feel unsafe.

Don’t make that mistake, recovery is much easier before that damage is done.

Common Psychological Challenges

Doctor360 provides support for a wide range of psychological and developmental challenges, including;

Life crises, stress & overwhelm

If you don’t learn how to take care of your mental stress levels, you’re at risk of emotional burn out and you may feel that your life can suddenly fall apart.

  • Coping with and managing high-pressure careers
  • Coping with job loss, including COVID-related job loss
  • Coping with a stressful medical diagnosis, including your own fears, and any social stigmas you may encounter
  • Stress management for young parents, or those raising young children
  • Caregiver support. Caregiving can be very emotionally and physically draining. We can provide mental and emotional support for those who are caregivers for unwell children or family members.

Emotional disorders

  • Depression
  • Anxiety disorders
  • Mood disorders
  • Anger management
  • Phobias
  • Establishing emotional regulation

Human physical & biochemical development

Biochemical changes can have significant impacts on our emotional state, and challenge our sense of identity.

  • Adolescence transition into adulthood and associated anxieties
  • Pregnancy, dealing with emotions and chemical changes during maternity.
  • Post-partum depression and adjustment to motherhood- and fatherhood for you dads.
  • Menopause transition.

Personality disorders

Behavioural disorders

Delinquency and crime

  • High-risk sexual promiscuity
  • Eating disorders, including anorexia, bulimia, overeating, binge eating, and avoidant/restrictive food intake disorder (ARFID)
  • Self-harm and cutting

Relationships & social connection

  • Social & moral development
  • Forming meaningful attachments with others

Neurodevelopmental disorders

  • ADHD
  • Physical complications associated with neurodevelopmental disorders
  • Intellectual development

Sexuality & sexual disorders

  • Sexuality as a whole alongside health and well-being behaviours
  • Transgender transformations, and adjusting to the significant, psychological, physical, biochemical and social impacts.

Negative body-image

Our identity as individuals is strongly attached to our bodies. As life changes us, radical adjustments are needed which we need to adjust to psychologically as well.

  • Body image and the many stigmas associated with the person’s body image as a whole.
  • Cancer patients and physical changes
  • Mastectomy.
  • Other cosmetic changes that affect how we see ourselves, and how we appear to others.

COVID-Related Stress

Loss of jobs, financial stress.

  • Anxiety regarding your health
  • Anxiety regarding your loved ones

Psychological approaches to pain management

  • Traumatic brain injury and living with constant pain.
  • Understanding the new way of how life is for you right now and how I can take you to a new level of understanding themselves and understanding your body.

Communication disorders

  • Selective mutism
  • Excessive stuttering
  • A strong lisp or other speech impediment
  • Other communication challenges which may hinder your ability to connect socially.

Motor skill disorders

  • Parkinson’s
  • Challenges with motor control

What is Psychological Health Coaching?

Psychological health coaching is a way of helping you gain the knowledge, skills and confidence you need to take an active part in your own health care. It helps you reach the health goals you deserve, and together we can build a stronger health backbone.

We provide in depth individual service.

Just like athletes enlist the services of a sports coach, you too should enlist the services of a health coach, who will share knowledge with you, inspire confidence in you, and find ways to motivate you to achieve your health goals.

Medications & Psychopharmacology

Certain medications are very effective in helping you cope with the immediate pain and distress caused by certain psychological disorders.

However medicinal treatments are best done in conjunction with therapy. Without therapy, the underlying problem will never be resolved, and generally the medicinal treatment will lose effectiveness over time.

You don’t have to struggle alone. Make an appointment with us now.

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