Head Injury Assessments / Concussion Screening

Signs and symptoms of head injuries leading to concussion (also known as Mild-moderate Traumatic Brain Injuries or MTBI) can often be subtle and easily missed in routine clinical examination

Consequences for undiagnosed concussion are severe and can lead to long-term physical and cognitive disability

Rapid and accurate diagnosis of concussion is essential for optimising recovery outcomes through treatment and to reduce the risk of long-term consequences and persisting symptoms. 

State-of-the-Art Equipment

Doctor360 uses state-of-the-art equipment to ensure quick and accurate diagnosis of concussion injuries.

EyeBOX® Scan

Traditional assessments of head injury and concussion screen rely on subjective measures and physical exam.

Our revolutionary head injury assessment clinic incorporates the latest diagnostic screening equipment for the rapid and accurate assessment of head injury.

We utilise EyeBOX®, the world’s first and only baseline-free, objective screening device in the assessment of head injury. Our EyeBOX® scanner is FDA-approved and provides rapid insight into our patient’s neurological function through use of cutting-edge eye tracking technology, without the use of expensive and conventional scans requiring exposure to radiation. 


Rapid identification and treatment of brain bleeds following head injury is a crucial component of achieving positive patient outcomes.

Our Infrascanner allows rapid point-of-care testing to assess and triage acute head injuries by providing guidance on identification of those who would most benefit from immediate referral to a CT scan and neurosurgical intervention. Use of the Near-Infrared(NIR) technology by our experienced clinicians provides a safe and versatile method of screening for brain bleeds and potentially avoiding unnecessary exposure to radiation. 

The Infrascanner is FDA-approved and used worldwide is a variety of sports, military and emergency medicine applications. 

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