Pre-Employment Medicals

Pre-Employment Screening is good practice because recruiting the wrong person can be costly both in financial terms and in disruption to your business.

Pre-Employment Medicals can help your company prevent costly sick leave, ensure suitability for a position by ensuring the health and fitness of the employees meet the demands and risks of the job.

In many industries such as security, transport and construction, these medicals are also a legal requirements and a pre-condition for insurance.

We are able to work with companies to protect them and their staff by providing thorough medical health screening examinations. Our quality services and professional team will ensure that we make your employees feel comfortable and assured.

Overall, we deliver and manage an efficient and authoritative pre-employment screening solution to meet your specific business requirements. This includes any necessary pathology or investigations and a comprehensive examination and report.

Our doctors will take time to listen to your employees in an unhurried and relaxed environment.

Types of Medical Screening

Screening assessments include a comprehensive medical history screen, clinical examination and investigations, which would be tailored to the specific requirements of the business and role involved.

Pre-employment medical screening may include the following:

  • Visual Acuity Screening
  • Hearing (Audiometry) Screening
  • Lung Function (Spirometry) Testing
  • Cardiovascular Health Assessment (incl. ECG testing)
  • Alcohol and Other Drug Screening
  • Laboratory Investigations (Urine and Blood testing)

Functional Assessment Testing based on proposed role and responsibilities

Pre-employment medical screenings adopt a multi-disciplinary approach and are led by our doctors who are trained in occupational and industrial medicine. They will provide a comprehensive and objective evaluation for your future employees in a relaxed environment. 

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